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How to Add a Caption to a Photo or Screenshot

At first it may seem that adding captions is really straightforward, but there’s actually a lot more to it than simply overlaying text on a photo. Good captions require creativity, and to pull them off you need to be able to control the appearance of the text that you add.

Assuming you’d like to add captions to a photo or screenshot and want to make them look good – Movavi Photo Editor is a great place to start. It will make it easy for you to add text to your images, and then let you adjust practically everything about its appearance so that you can craft really impressive inscriptions.

When you want to start to add caption to photo, the first thing you should do is launch Movavi Photo Editor and click on the ‘Browse for Images’ button in the main window. After that just find the image you want to add a caption to and select it so that it opens up in the editor.

At the top part of Movavi Photo Editor’s interface you’ll see several options, and you should click on the one labelled ‘Text’ to open up that panel. Once you do you’ll see a button called ‘Add Text’ on the right, and you can click on it to add a text field to your image then type in the text that you want into the frame of broken white lines that appears.

Within Movavi Photo Editor’s ‘Text’ panel you’ll also find a variety of features that will let you control the appearance of your caption. Under the ‘Text’ subtab you can adjust the appearance of the text itself – including the font style, color, size, justification, transparency degree, and so on. On the other hand under the ‘Background’ subtab you can customize the background of the text field, including its color, outline and so on.

In addition to those options, there’s also an ‘Add Decorations’ button near the ‘Add Text’ button that you can use. By clicking on it, Movavi Photo Editor will let you add various types of creative decorations (i.e. ‘stickers’).

As you can see there are a lot of different ways in which you can customize captions in Movavi Photo Editor, which is why it is such a powerful tool for adding captions. Of course in addition to these features it also has others that may prove useful if you want to enhance the quality of your images, apply filters, remove objects, and so on.

All in all that should cover everything you need to know about adding captions to your photos and screenshots with Movavi Photo Editor. Be sure to try doing so, and experiment with its other features so you can see what they’re capable of as well.

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